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Oilfield 360 Podcast

Sep 6, 2023

Esteemed Banking Executives and Industry Leaders,

Dan Pickering and Walker Moody, distinguished figures in the world of banking and energy, have joined The Oilfield 360 Podcast with host David de Roode. In this special episode, David reunites with former co-host Josh Lowrey for a significant announcement.

As the...

Jul 20, 2023

We hope you enjoy this special installment of The Oilfield 360 Podcast!

Join us for an entertaining episode of the Street Smart Podcast, proudly presented by the Upright Digital network. Hosted by Justin Overstreet, Vice President of Safety at Wildcat Oil Tools, this interview features an in-depth conversation with

Jun 22, 2023

In this compelling episode recorded live at OTC, the Oilfield 360 Podcast hosts David de Roode and Josh Lowrey sit down with special guest David Reid, the CMO & CTO of NOV. They delve into a topic that demands attention: redM, an organization founded by David Reid himself to combat the insidious issue of...

Jun 8, 2023

Recorded live from the Energy Transition Pavilion at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, TX, hosts David de Roode and Jim Wicklund sit down with Tony Sanchez, Founder and CEO of OneNexus. Together, they explore a groundbreaking solution that addresses one of the industry's most pressing challenges: the...

May 31, 2023

On this episode of the Oilfield 360 podcast, David de Roode is joined by his special co-host Jim Wicklund, and David’s special guest: author, philosopher and pragmatist, Alex Epstein. 

This is a unique conversation as it takes place in the air traversing from Jackson, Mississippi to Midland, Texas. Why you might ask?...