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Oilfield 360 Podcast

May 31, 2023

On this episode of the Oilfield 360 podcast, David de Roode is joined by his special co-host Jim Wicklund, and David’s special guest: author, philosopher and pragmatist, Alex Epstein. 

This is a unique conversation as it takes place in the air traversing from Jackson, Mississippi to Midland, Texas. Why you might ask? David had agreed to support previous podcast guest and CEO of Innovex, Adam Anderson and his fossil fueled event to raise awareness about all of the good things the oil and gas industry does for our country and the world and how its use has allowed us to flourish and survive an otherwise harsh climate and improve our quality of life in modern times as we know it as well as raise money for Oil Patch Kids. 

To make Adam’s event a success, he needed to find a way to get Alex from the campus of Mississippi State University where he was speaking earlier that day to Midland to attend for a fireside chat with Adam as part of the fossil fueled mini conference. David agreed to get Alex from Jackson to Midland to support Adam and Oil Patch Kids, and Alex agreed to have a conversation with David and Jim en route.

The conversation is fantastic in our opinion and a testament to the quality of thoughtfulness and thinking Alex possesses on the topics of human flourishing, climate survivability and the necessity of a strong oil and gas industry. The conversation will make you think and leave you wanting for more. For more, we point you to